Which decors are in demand?

In addition to our International Top 7 “Global Essentials”, our design and sales team has compiled a list of the most promising and successful decors for your specific market. Find out what is important now in the markets of the Asia-Pacific region.

Understated designs and natural colors

Decors whose design emphasizes restraint and minimalism are in demand. Surfaces should appear elegant and luxurious, but also cozy at the same time. Neutral colors create a space that feels cozy and calm, reinforcing the need for a comfortable sanctuary at home. Instead of fancy designs or flashy colors, softness is emphasized through neutral and natural beige tones such as gray, ivory, or muted tones with clean, natural shapes and lines. To sum up, the avoidance of overly large or eye-catching structures and decorative features is a popular trend in the market.

Our Global TOP 7 Decors


Our Top Seven

Discover our Global Essentials - seven top decors that reflect current trends with a global reach. These high-quality decors combine quality and timeless design which have won the trust of markets and customers. Sustainable because they are long-lasting, they may just be the next bestsellers.