Which decors are in demand?

In addition to our International Top 7 “Global Essentials”, our design and sales team has also compiled a list of the most successful and promising decors for your market. Find out what's important now in the Chinese markets.

Rich textures, depth, and a variety of colors in a small space

Furniture decors with rich textures and special depth are in great demand in the Chinese market. This puts the focus on the value of the decor and its design, which should be almost undistinguishable from solid wood or other high-priced original materials. Overall, decors with a harmonious, calm overall appearance are popular. High-quality pieces of furniture have no obviously strong color differences, conspicuous planking, nor prominent knots and cracks. This creates the sought-after homogeneous look. These requirements are also placed on decorative surfaces. Another popular trend is decors that look like solid colors but are not. On a small surface the designs appear varied and lively, whereas when viewed over a large area, the surface appears smooth and almost monochromatic. The transition between different shades is so elegantly executed that it appears smooth and seamless.

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Our Top Seven

Discover our Global Essentials - seven top decors that reflect current trends with a global reach. These high-quality decors combine quality and timeless design which have won the trust of markets and customers. Sustainable because they are long-lasting, they may just be the next bestsellers.