Southern Europe

Which decors are in demand?

In addition to our international Top 7 “Global Essentials”, our design and sales team has also compiled a list of the most promising and successful decors for your market. Find out what is important now in the markets in Southern Europe.

Natural colors, simple materials, and elegant textures 

As the leading design market, Italy relies on three types of decors: oak, elm, and travertine. Linear shapes, delicate nuances and soft textures are decisive for a timeless design that is currently in demand. The emphasis is on harmony, naturalness, and versatility. In markets such as the Iberian Peninsula, the focus is also increasingly on natural and elegant structures in natural colors. Oak decors remain a trend, but without placing too much focus on rustic elements such as dark knots or strong cracks. In contrast, interest in alternatives such as elm, ash, and chestnut decors is also growing here. 



Our Top Seven

Discover our Global Essentials - seven top decors that reflect current trends with a global reach. These high-quality decors combine quality and timeless design which have won the trust of markets and customers. Sustainable because they are long-lasting, they may just be the next bestsellers.